Bag At You Blog-Post

Bag At You Blog-Post
15/11/2014 Anita Stam
In Nieuws

Last week, I cycled across Koningsplein and was closely paying attention to all the people that were trying to run over this chaotic crossing plaza as well. But then the most dangerous thing happened: I got distracted! I got distracted because of a beautiful leather shopper that was hanging over the shoulder of a stranger. I parked my bike and walked right into that woman and complimented her on her bag. She proudly responded that this was her SPRDLX Bag.

Bag at You Anita StamSPRDLX is an Amsterdam based label that designs and creates by hand the most beautiful leather products, which was established by Anita Stam in April 2012. After I contacted Anita, she invited me to visit her atelier in Amsterdam West, which was truly divine: it is a pure working place where each and every product is handmade with care & love. They only work with Italian’s finest leather and favor natural colors. Sometimes SPRDLX offers limited edition bags as well, which has more extravagant colors.

Although they were very busy crafting all the bags that were needed to meet a deadline, Anita told me all about the brand, her designs and her love for creativity, Ibiza and leather. The leather itself is her biggest inspiration. She lets the leather decide what will be the shape of the bag. Maybe it is therefore that these bags have such a pure and heartfelt image and feel.

So tell me, what does super-de-luxe mean to you? Is that something expensive, exclusive or limited; is that aspiration or prestige? For the designer of these SPRDLX bags, superdeluxe is all about doing the things that make you feel good and experience that luxury; that is actual prosperity. She believes that each human being can add most value if that person is doing something he or she is really good at.
Luxury is not something that involves money or stature, it is something that is all about being able to completely enjoy the luxury to evolve your skills and talents.

This is her wish to everyone. If you read my former post Am I Delusional or just wildly ambitious, you will note that I agree with her and that I am very eager to find her kind of luxury.

SPRDLX does not only create bags, but also leather ipad covers,accessories, cushions and other interior items. So if you are curious to experience some of the purest luxury, just visit the online SPRDLX shop or one of the stores that sell these beautiful pure products, such as Pick & Spend (Amsterdam), LIV Stores (Zwolle) or PT Post (Bergen).

Susanne Bender
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