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our story

I have been very lucky to spend my best years on Ibiza in the eighties. That’s where my passion for leather began.The island was the perfect gathering place for creative talent: designing, making and selling a wide range of leather goods.I found the ‘aroma’ and tactile nature of leather intoxicating!

in 2012 I launched a collection of bags and accessories, under a new label SPRDLX.The Italian quality leather is significant for the collection , the designs are pure and straight forward and is accentuated by the leather itself.By adding only subtle details, SPRDLX products retain an elegant minimalism which is timeless.SPRDLX stands for ‘do what makes you feel good’-the true meaning of luxury!Luxury has nothing to do with wealth but is the pure enjoyment that comes with doing something you are good at.

Anita wishes this for everyone.